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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pie in the it Toontown?

For those who don't know about our family addiction, it's It started with the kids playing the 'free' accounts. Then they roped their dad in and agreed to pay for a portion of the first three months if we'd pay in with them. Now, the whole family is addicted. Rebekah even has her own toon (and she knows how to use it).

At Toontown, the evil cogs are trying to take over happy Toontown. The toons have to fight the cogs with seltzer bottles, horns and even cream pies. Nathan is known as Prince Wacky, the dog, on Toontown.

Yesterday, Prince Wacky--dressed as Nathan--got to sneak into school for a good time. Nathan raised over $100 for the American Heart Association's Jump Rope for Heart campaign. Every child in his school reaching that level got to throw a pie in a teacher's face. He chose our VP (who used to teach at our former school). I tried to talk him into the principal, but I think he found that to be inappropriate behavior. (Guess he really listens to all the respect your principal messages we give.)

Here's the video and photos of the event. He had an awesome shot! Remember to turn off the music at the bottom of the page before playing the video.

Getting ready with bags on heads and trashbags cut to cover clothes.

Here's the video and photos. Look at the pictures, you can see the whipped cream flying by his ear.

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