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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Zoo Field Trip

Went to the zoo with Kindergarten last week. Sean 'officially' chaperoned the trip. Rebekah & I happened to show up to join them (ok--Sean drove us in the van). We did get permission to do this. There were so many parents along, we only had Nathan and one other boy, Avery. He is friends with Nathan and we knew him from Nathan's birthday party. What a nice boy Avery is! He was so polite and minded us all day long.

When Sean asked the boys what they wanted to do, Avery said he picked the sharks. Nathan said we have to go see my Nemo fish (Tio & Tia adopted a clown fish for the year for Nathan). Luckily, both are at the aquarium. The first picture is Nathan & Avery being measured by the penguins. We check every time to see if we've grown.

We had lunch in the garden area and went on to feed fish, see the seals and visit the Gorillas. I kept threatening to leave the boys in the monkey house with their 'brothers', but they figured out I was kidding.

We had promised them popcorn, but only found one place selling it. While I stood in the popcorn line, they caught another exhibit. Why was the popcorn line so long?? Well, could have something to do with the 113 (yes, one hundred and thirteen) busloads of children at the zoo on that day. Crowded doesn't begin to describe the experience.
Sean & I were exhausted after our zoo day. The kids did have fun and I guess that's what counts.

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