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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fun Day At School

Andrew running away from the camera to the playground.

Remember those days at Elementary school where it was Track & Field Day? Well, boy do times change. I used to only do well at the jumping things. I hated the rest of the day. Now, we have "Fun Day" instead of Track & Field Day. What a difference that makes!

I only saw a few events, but everyone had a grand time. We saw the 3-legged race and a game involving big balls and a volleyball net. There was also something with hula hoops--I think they rolled or tossed things into them.

Since it was also the all school BBQ, I didn't get to see the boys at their events. We went and had lunch with each of them and that's about all that Rebekah is willing to do. She wouldn't have been able to do both the activities and the lunch.

It was sunny, but WINDY on the back of the school where we ate. The wind made it feel a little chilly. We had a great time with the boys and a good lunch.

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