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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Silly String Fight

School's Out!!

After school on the last day, one of Nathan's friends invited the entire class over to have a silly string fight. It ended up being COLD and rainy. The rain stopped long enough for the fight, then the party had to move indoors. Natalie (the crazy mom who invited us) was a gracious hostess and took 18 wild and crazy kids in stride. Two of us moms from class came to help, but she seemed to have it under control. After the last of the kids left, the three of us moms left all our kids with the dads and went out to relax. I had such a fantastic time and feel like I have two wonderful new friends as well.

Here's movies of the fight:

Here are a few photos of the fun. Nathan's teacher is in the tan coat (and no--the silly string at close range did NOT come out of the jacket). Nathan's para is in the orange jacket. They took the brunt of the silly string.

A very windblown Rebekah. (Doesn't she look like Nathan??)

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