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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rebekah Fun

Here are some cute outfits (aren't girls clothes more fun than boys clothes) and playing outside on the deck.
First off is the 'fun' of trying to catch her in a photo. When you ask if she wants her picture taken, she IMMEDIATELY runs to the nearest wall and says, "Cheese!" However, when you lift the camera to take the shot, she runs to you to see the picture--or just runs away. First she took off with a ball. Then, I asked what was on her shirt so she had to check it out. She informed me "woof" is on her shirt.

Next, she ran off again.

I finally get her back to the 'photo wall' and she runs to me. Here she is mid-stride.

FINALLY--We get a photo of the whole outfit and child. However, she doesn't seem to happy that I actually managed to get one whole frame of her. Oh well, mommy's happy.

This outfit was a gift from my dear cousin in Fremont. Rebekah loves the flowers on it.

Here are some videos of Rebekah's Deck Fun. She loves to jump on the deck to hear the grates in the grill rattle. Noise is a good thing in her mind. Then she was looking for an 'acky' that she dropped. She found it to be lots of fun to look between the boards on the deck.

After dragging out books, her dolly stroller and her horse, she decided horse needed some exercise.

This is the cute outfit she chose to wear to Andrew's graduation. She picked it because of the hat. Then she refused to wear the hat. I think it's done to frustrate the mom. In the first photo, she is picking her nose to show her displeasure at the hat. The second hat photo is catching the blur of motion before she runs away and rips the hat off. In the end, nice photos--no hat.

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