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Sunday, May 04, 2008

District Music Festival

Great news at our house. Looks like we're off to the State Music Festival again this fall. Andrew participated this week in the District Music Festival. These are the same songs he performed at the Trophy Festival a couple weeks ago. I was the 'room monitor' while he played so I could hear him through the closed door. He did fantastic!!

The judge have him a 1+ rating which is a Superior + and it is the highest ranking a student can achieve. We're so proud of him!

Now we wait for the theory test results. His practice theory test two weeks ago would have been high enough to go to State. He thinks he did better on this one. He knows he made a lot of mistakes in one section (which was one of the easiest parts of theory--oh, I feel for him--I remember forgetting the easy stuff while the hard stuff was ready to go). One section wouldn't be enough points lost to keep him from state. We know he won't get the 100% Theory Test award, but that's ok if we can go to state.

Be looking for blog posts this fall (late Oct. I think) from the hotel at State Music Festival. Woo Hoo! The medals this year have a neat rubberized section that is raised. We took a close up to make sure you could enjoy it, too.

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