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Saturday, January 12, 2008

When SUPER MOM isn't a super mom

It's humbling to have children. Really. They bring out the best---and worst---in you. I some days consider myself to be a SUPER MOM. I get my kids dressed and to school, no tardies, fed breakfast which I'm told is the most important meal of the day (OK--the school usually feeds them, but I make sure they have time to eat it). I even have SUPER MOM checks. No kidding, that's what they are called. (Here's one sample photo of the checks.)

Yesterday after lunch, I'm fighting off a headache. Must be from squinting into the sun on the drive home since I couldn't find my sunglasses. I'm bone-weary tired and of course, nobody will cooperate and let me take a little nap. By the time I'm chilled to the bone wearing multiple layers and blankets to keep warm, I'm thinking I may be coming down with a little bug.

It's true, I caught a form of Rebekah's bug. I got the nausea portion with fever (she never really fevered). I've been sleeping most of the evening, night, and day away. I'm feeling better, but praying for anyone I came into contact with. I truly wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

So SUPER MOM is now sleeping mom and Daddy's been doing a bang-up job of taking care of kids for me. He is fighting off a sinus infection (caught from the Nathan child) so I know it's hard on him, too.

My kids are happy to stay home all day in their PJ's. They have played more computer games than children should be allowed. They are currently on a TV watching spree (which the up side of is my TIVO was almost out of room).

As the sun sets on today, I toast you with my saltine crackers and filtered water. As I giggle at myself---guess I shouldn't have slept nose-to-nose with the sick girl---I've had reminders today that more important things are happening.

Please pray for Coy (see his blog at He's had a rough day and his oxygen levels are back to almost 100%. There is new infection in the latest blood culture. Please agree with us for his complete and miraculous healing.

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