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Thursday, January 17, 2008

No New Photos

I thought I'd let everyone know why there's no new photos this week. It's because I need your prayers. I have to believe that our family is under a great attack from the enemy because he knows something really great is coming our way from God.

Starting with last Wed., Jan. 9:
9th: Nathan finishes medicine for sinus infection
9th: Rebekah starts throwing up at 10:30pm
10th: Rebekah still sick
11th: Kids out of school, going to have fun day---Robyn gets sick
12th: Robyn still sick, Sean diagnosed with sinus infection
13th: Everyone stays home from church to get Dad, Mom & Rebekah back to 100%
14th: Robyn still tired, taking it easy and getting back into the swing of things
15th: Day goes great, looks like we're back on track
-----2:10am (or is it the 16th now): Nathan sick
16th: Nathan home from school sick
-----10:45pm: Andrew sick
17th: Nathan and Andrew home sick

Tomorrow, January 18, 2008: A new day.
Planning to send everyone to school and try to Clean up, Catch up and NOT Throw up.
So no photos.

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