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Monday, January 07, 2008

Christmas Break Museum Tour

Well, after our last poorly executed attempt (see 1/31 blog for details), we managed to get TWO museums in this weekend. Went to the Children's Museum and had oodles of fun! We got to see the last Light Show Extravaganza (the reason I wanted to go) and we saw the Making Things exhibit (the reason the kids wanted to go). Nathan drove Rebekah in the car, then Rebekah kicked him out to drive herself.

Andrew made a horse die cut. Rebekah and Nathan had fun on the pulley swings. Then Rebekah discovered the slide and the water table. Hmmm---wonder why her sleeves were so wet?

We also got to go see the astronaut exhibit the day before it left. This was something I really wanted to see. I think the kids enjoyed it as well---especially Mr. Nathan, "Future Astronaut to Mars". Gave us a lot of information if he really decides to pursue this route. The kids' favorite part is always: --Flight Simulator for the Daddy & Andrew kids and ---Flying the rocket for Nathan and Rebekah.

The picture of Andrew & Sean in the simulator isn't the best, but here's the simulator and a little of Nathan & Rebekah flying.

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