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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sleep would be such sweet relief!

Rebekah has developed---ok, we've enabled her to develop---a nasty habit. Whenever she wakes up in the night, we just bring her into our bed. This used to happen at 6:30am but has worked it's way back to around midnight. When she's in our bed, Sean & I don't sleep well. That girl can take up enough space to dislodge two adults from a queen sized waterbed.

Wednesday night/Thursday morning, I had enough of this. I worked with her from 4:00am until 6:30am (Sean actually took over negotiations from 5:30-6:30) to get her to go back to sleep in her crib. Thurs./Fri. Sean took the midnight-1am shift and I continued his work from 1-2:30am. Last night we may have made a breakthrough. She was only up from 5-5:20 (but I stayed in the room until 5:30 to make sure she was out).

I think it's the cute Dora the Explorer pajamas that keep that child from harm. With her binkie and sleep tousseled (or bed head) hair and those cute PJ's with both Dora and Boots the Monkey staring at you--what can you do?? All you can do is love her to bits and hope she'll someday learn to sleep.

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Cheryl St.John said...

Good for you guys! It's tough to break those habits -- it takes work and superhuman effort, which seems daunting at the time, but pays off in the end. It's EASIER to let things slide than to correct them.

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