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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Miss Liz Retires

Last week, we had the opportunity to attend Miss Liz's retirement party. She's been a Kindermusik instructor for about 17 years and she has been our Kindermusik teacher for the past ten years.

Miss Liz is the one person who could keep calm in the face of any child tantrum, outburst or other behaviours that send normal moms off the deep end. Some recent health challenges made her choose early retirement. Please pray for her health and her mental well-being as she adjusts to the new life of retirement.
In fact, Liz was the first person to offer me a big dose of hope when we were going through Nathan's testing. She experienced his outbursts and meltdowns in class and she always said encouraging words to me (and him) and offered insight into some of the "why" behind his outbursts. In fact, Nathan wanted so much to win a green Kindermusik shirt from the door prizes at the party. I left my checkbook at home so I couldn't buy one--figured I buy one for his birthday and "surprise"--here's your green shirt.
The last drawing occurred before the final goodbye song. Miss Liz's last song as a teacher. When Nathan didn't win, he started to lose it and was going to give us a big outburst. I was trying to diffuse the situation and Liz stopped and came over to him, got down on his level and started to find out what was upsetting him. Well, he got his shirt (wearing it in the picture above), but Miss Liz held up her own retirement to help one more child. That's why we're going to be a little lonely without Miss Liz as our teacher.
Our high point is that Miss Liz is also our friend (not just our teacher) so we get to keep in touch and still be in each other's lives.

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Anonymous said...

We had Miss Liz too!!! :-)

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