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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

November -- January Winnings

I've really started to catch the spirit of entering blog giveaways. At first I only entered for things I wanted for me or for the kids. Then as I read what other people win and do, I decided to enter an increasing number of giveaways.

I've discovered that winning a gift will help stretch my budget in other areas. Now I enter with specific people in mind knowing that if I win something, I will either keep it for me or give it as a gift. I struggled with the idea that a 'free' gift isn't as valuable as one I buy. But, I'm winning some things that I couldn't afford in my gift budget. It made me realize that even if I won it, it really comes down to the thought that counts.

I want to thank the following people/blogs for their great giveaways. I'm thrilled and amazed at how many nice things I've been winning over the last few months.

Two books--Blue like Playdough and The One Day Way from Nebraska Fillemans
Organic Tea from Peaches' Reviews & Giveaways
Rich Dad Book (for Sean's Christmas gift) from Mom Saves Money
Christian Notecards from Hope's Cafe
Discipline Me Right (Book) from Cami's Books
Sleep No More from Helping Mommys Win

How do I find these? Many people post Mr. Linkys on their blog where you can link to your giveaway and you'll find 40-50 contests at one time. A couple great clearinghouses for offers are Helping Mommy's Win (she only posts contests with less than 50 comments) and Christian Book Giveaways (she's a clearinghouse for Christian books all over the web).

Best wishes as you start entering. I'm so blessed to have all these wonderful gifts and winnings!

Disclosure: If you click and buy from my Amazon Links, I might make a few cents or even a couple dimes from your purchse.

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Nebraska Hockey Mom said...

Thanks for the shout out!!!!!

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