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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nathan's Birthday Bash

This week we had Nathan's official (early) birthday bash with his friends. We went to a local giant playplace for their party. I figured the kids would have fun---but WOW, this was by far the best party (from a kid point of view) that we ever had!

It started with pizza and pop. (Caught Andrew & a friend mid-bite so took another nicer photo of them.)

Then we had cupcakes and opened presents.

For his presents, he must have done a nice job of promoting what he wanted to the people invited. All but one family brought him a Bakugan of some sort or a gift card to buy a Bakugan. He did get an awesome art kid (already played with the clay). Then in the Bakugan Bonanza, we have added something like 11 new Bakugan to his collection, a host of gate cards and power cards, a Binder to hold the cards (thank you!) and a new carry case to hold all the new Bakugans (woo hoo!). He was smiling, smiling, smiling. He also got a Farkle game with a Bakugan from one friend. We all cheered at that---our family is a bit competitive and Farkle is a favorite. But, in the move a couple years ago, we lost our Farkle dice and we've never replaced them. Silly, but true. I feel game night in our near future!

The party package included tokens for each child (they couldn't wait to play video games) and two rides for each child. They could do the train roller coaster or the bumper cars. Since Rebekah is too short to ride the rides, we gave one of her tickets to a sibling of a guest (and our carpool buddy for preschool) and the kids rode the roller coaster. It's FAST!!!

Check out all of these smiles. Hard to get good action shots when it's a bit dark, but I think you can see the fun they had!

Here's Rebekah on the Carousel:
Bumper Car Bang-Up:

Finally, to cap off the entire night, the Birthday Boy got to get in the wind machine and try to win prizes. He managed to get about 6 certificates in a short time span.

Here's the video of the wind machine:

All in all a great night!


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