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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Fun Fair Fanatics

The Music Teachers host a Fun-damentals Fair every year. Since I now have kids in both morning and afternoon sessions, I pitch a tent as a volunteer and spend my day working.

Here's a recap of the morning session....First comes the parade to start the Fun Fair. Nathan's teacher is leading them into the hall and Nathan is carrying the green music bag.

There are 8 categories. All students must do all 8 which include: Scales, Chords, Cadences, Arpeggios, Sight Reading, Performance, Ear Training and Music Theory. Not a picnic! They work hard to learn all these things. Both Nathan & Andrew are responsible for 12 Major Keys (Andrew's scales, etc. are expanded and more difficult because he's older). If you get a perfect 10 in all areas, you get a trophy.

Know it's dark, but here is Nathan getting his trophy from his teacher. Yup, he got all perfect 10s. Can't even begin to tell you how difficult this is and how few trophies are handed out after the first year. We're so proud of his hard work and effort!!!

A very proud Nathan.

The afternoon also starts with a parade. Andrew is in the red and white striped shirt. Not thrilled that mom's camera is clicking away. :-)

Here is Andrew receiving his Rosette for getting 3 or more 10s. He had five 10s. I'm so happy for him because he did a great job. I know he was disappointed that he didn't get a trophy, but I keep reminding him to stand tall. There were only 4 trophy winners in his division and it gets harder each year to get one. I am proud that he kept trying and doing well even after he got his first 9.
We're starting tomorrow on theory studying. Next year, if he gets a 100% on his theory test, he will get a cash prize. Oh yeah--that's how to get a teenager to study music theory.
Congratulations Andrew & Nathan!!! We are so proud of you and your accomplishments!


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