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Friday, February 26, 2010

It's a Statue...Is it Rushmore? Nope, it's Mount Rush Hour

Mount Rush Hour

Next to the Interstate as you drive into Downtown Houston is quite the monument. It's Mount Rush Hour and while it's a takeoff from Mount Rushmore, there's definitely a Texas Twist to the display. You'll notice if you go from Right to Left (yes, I know it's backwards from reading, but stick with me here) you will see George Washington and then Abraham Lincoln. Now to give it a Texas Twist, the last two people are Sam Houston and Stephen Austin (both familiar names to those who are forced to take Texas History--and yes, they have cities named after themselves).

Across the bases of the statues are the words, "A Tribute to American Statesmanship."

Here are George and Abe up close. The details are really impressive and it was a sight we've seen from the road many times and have spoken about. However, seeing it up close and realizing the immense size of these statues is very impressive.

We got a family shot with Abe and then Tia had her picture with the boys. (Rebekah was not interested in being photographed at this particular time--stubborn girl!) This was part of Tia's Fun Day. We started these "Fun Days" sort of by mistake. It seemed like every time we'd visit, there was one really special thing we were going to do. She would take off work and go with us and somehow it morphed into being called "Tia's Fun Day." The kids love their Tio & Tia and so these days are really more about spending time with Tia and the bonus is there's something fun that goes with this time.

After we left Mount Rush Hour, we--ummm--well, sigh....we took a detour. Yup, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. We were looking for our place on the big map (good luck there) because the GPS kept losing it's satellite signal from the skyscrapers. We knew we got turned the wrong direction and we were looking for a safe place to turn around when we passed our bonus stop on the tour. The sculptor who created Mount Rush Hour is David Adickes and his studio is in downtown Houston. The gates were open so we stopped to see the statues he has outside his workshop. (We also found our place on the map and got the GPS signal back.)

He appears to be creating a bust of every president. He has already created two such displays (I think) for places around America.

Barack Obama

Here's Thomas Jefferson's head next to an unfinished Teddy Roosevelt. Then we drove by Teddy and you could see inside a bit of how these giant statues are made.

What a nice start to Tia's Fun Day. Stay tuned for more of the adventures of our family & Tia.

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