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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tips on Tuesday: Organizing Clothes

I live an interesting life. Through the years, I've learned that people think I'm very organized. My family would be quick to say I'm not organized...most of the time.

I have a real Type A-B personality. Having Twice Exceptional children, I'm learning that I probably contribute to their quirkiness. I'm organized in the things that matter to me. Other areas that I don't care about, like desks, closets, etc., are a barren wasteland of mess and chaos.

Several years ago, I read about an organizing idea that really helped me personally. The kids kept wearing the same 4-5 shirts over and over. They would pass up their favorite shirts and I couldn't figure out why. When I realized they only took the top shirt out of the drawer, they were only looking at two choices each day. They wouldn't lift one to look underneath it to find their favorite.

I decided to try the idea I read about and it's been so amazing we've never gone back. I had to learn to fold shirts slightly differently because the drawer is longer (front to back) than it is deep. Instead of folding shirts in half, I now fold them into thirds and put them in the dresser drawers like file folders.

Now, anyone who opens the drawer has a quick shot of all their shirts. You can see part of the design and it makes it fast and easy to find the exact shirt you are looking for. Want the Mickey Mouse shirt, try the 2nd row at the "bottom" of the drawer. Want your favorite shirt about playing video games, it's the blue one in the first row, middle.

It's made it a lot easier for my children to be independent and dress themselves while also giving them decision making opportunities. An added benefit is the shirts take up less room this way so I've been known to use the rest of the drawer to store shorts in the summer or pants in the winter.

What organizational ideas work for you? Since I only fool the rest of you into thinking I'm organized, I would love some additional ideas.

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