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Monday, November 23, 2009

Cutest Couple on the Block

Sean & I wanted a photo of the two of us in our matching shirts. Mine is "My Husband Rocks" and his says "My Wife Rocks". We sat down and the kids were playing and watching a movie. After the first couple clicks, here comes Rebekah barrelling across the room. "Wait for me!" she yells as she hops onto Sean's lap.

We got her off his lap so we could try again. Then I wanted a kissing photo. So we kiss and the next thing you know...

It's kisses for everyone from Rebekah.

As Rebekah ran off, Addie got this one of Sean & I. While I wouldn't blow it up and hang it on the wall, it is probably my favorite photo of us in recent memory. I love my hubby and part of why I love him is because he makes me laugh...a lot...even when his jokes are dumb. We often work to get each other into fits of giggles. So this picture got me.

We did end up with one more nice pose (frame-able) that I could even use on Facebook.

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