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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rebekah's Moment to Shine

Precious Rebekah also gets a moment to shine. Being the youngest and the only girl, she's a little bundle of energy who loved the photo shoot. She thought it was great fun to be the center of attention with a camera capturing her every move.

Rebekah thought the flowers were the best thing ever. She wanted to show them off. Part of showing off anything involves lifting it high above your head while yelling, "Ta Da!"

She did try to sniff a flower for us before doing some dance moves. Look at her ponies in motion.

We got her to sit for a brief minute and caught some of the many expressions that we see daily. Her face is a continuous progression of thoughts, feelings and emotions.
When we gave her the photo frame, she immediately decided it was a hoop-a-loop (hula hoop) and was just about to swing it (and probably break it) when we stopped her.

She's also growing up so fast. Rebekah is spunky and sassy. But she's sassy with a smile and a big hug---probably how she gets away with it so often. As my last baby, I've tried extra hard to hold onto every moment and enjoy everything. And she, too, is growing up so fast I can't believe it. My baby's in preschool and becoming her own little person. I remember the joy I had when she finally had enough hair for a Pebbles Flintstone pony. Now we've graduated to the double pony and as I look at her, I often see glimpses of the woman she'll become. Beautiful, but with a caring heart that wants to help 'make you soooo happy'.

My 'framed' baby girl. I thought you'd be another boy, Rebekah, but oh how I love having my baby girl. You're the pink to compliment my purple, the sunshine for my day. You're my slide and swing and reading buddy and you are quick with your puzzles. I love your little voice and your giant expressive gestures. You're my pumpkin-poodle-doodle and I love you very much.


1 comment:

Angela said...

Adorable. Her and Miss Kinsley could rule the land of Princesses together. lol :]

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