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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nathan's Moment to Shine

Today, I'm focusing on my thankfulness for Nathan. At 7, he's a wonderful mix between little boy and big boy. Here's a serious look from our photo shoot.

Nathan is often my ray of sunshine in a dreary day. Look at this smile--hard to be sad or upset with this smile and his infectious giggle around.

He holds that unique spot in our home called "Middle Child". And he's unique enough to pull it off. It's a glorious and maddening experience for a child to be the big and little brother all at the same time. He likes the perk of being able to play in both big brother and little sister's worlds. Yet, sometimes it's very difficult because you're supposed to be grown up and yet a baby all in one person.

Check out these photos of Nathan. The first one he's jumping and actually off the ground. Second is one of his 'poses'.

Here we've 'framed' Nathan. He had fun with this frame. He's my planner and likes to have everything completed in his head before he ever begins. But, out of that comes all of this spontaneity with a picture frame. I think he liked being the center of attention. With his being Twice Exceptional, there can be a lot of focus put on him. We're always studying him for reactions and improvement and to see if we're reaching goals. I have to work at times to let go and remember that he needs to be a kid first and foremost.

This is one of my favorites of Nathan. Check out that grin. I see this a lot more often now. I'm glad that all his hard work at everything we do for him is paying off. He's growing up and starting to make friends. He is happier and happier all the time. He's starting to grow into his intelligence and his social skills are starting to catch up with some of his peers.

While I still think of him (and call him) my baby boy, he is also growing up. He's a sensitive child who is highly attuned to the emotions of others. He seeks to please and will work hard to turn your mood to happiness. He is still my snuggler and hugger and he really can NOT fall asleep unless he's had a hug and a kiss.

I still look for this little boy with the cherub face to come out of school and I'm amazed at this young man walking/running towards me. I'm not sure when I blinked, but the exact moment I did is when he started growing up before my eyes.

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Angela said...

So Cute! :]

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