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Saturday, October 17, 2009

State Music Festival News

Not one trophy, but two. I was a nervous wreck, but the boys seemed cool as cucumbers. Andrew had a minor miss and a little speeding up issue on his second song. Nathan had several missed notes in his song so I was really worried for him. His judge gave the kids in front of him 2's for ratings so I figured he'd get a 2 as well. You have to get a Superior Rating (1+, 1 or 1-) to get a trophy.

Andrew's scores were up fairly fast and he got a 1-. Sweet!! Then I waited and waited for Nathan's scores. It was almost 45 minutes later before they were posted. We were picking up Andrew's trophy when they came down to post Nathan's score. Whew! Always a good day when both get trophies. Nathan ended up with a 1 rating. (I believe Andrew is a little miffed that he got a lower rating with harder music---such is life.)

We celebrated with dinner out tonight. We reminded them over and over that their piano teacher has about 40 kids in her studio and only 3 went to state. The fact that they got Superior ratings at districts makes them winners already. We are so proud of their dedication and hard work and just going and trying. The trophy is icing on the cake, but we were proud of them no matter what the score.

Check out these faces. I think they were a little happy!

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