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Friday, October 02, 2009

I snuck one...

Quick post to tell everyone how sneaky I was this morning...and I got away with it!!! My kids tend to not leave me alone during the day and naps are hard to come by unless Rebekah is sleeping.

Today, Nathan is home from school with a higher fever, but feeling fine. Sigh, hate for him to miss school, but don't want other kids to get sick. Nathan was playing computer games and Rebekah was playing with her 'New Toy House' and watching a little TV. I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open. So without telling either of them what I was doing, I just wandered to my bedroom and laid down. I managed to get a 25 minute power nap before I heard the rumblings of children who realize their mom has been gone too long. So I got up and nobody is the wiser.

Until now. I got up, fed everyone lunch and then took a minute to tell you. I feel much better now and hope everyone else who is sleepy today gets the chance to catch a few zzz's.

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