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Monday, October 12, 2009

Nathan's Big News

Nathan got some REALLY BIG news on Friday.

Yes, we've kept it quiet all weekend because I'm trying to get a photo. No, I don't yet have a photo--keep forgetting until bedtime. Will post as soon as I snap it. (**Tired mama wants to note that all pictures are now duly taken and uploaded. Whew!)

Nathan came to the van on Friday with a new piece of jewelry. It's a yellow dog tag on a chain.

Nathan was the Cub of the Week for his room last week. He earned his dog tag in the area of respect. He also managed to move up to purple all five days last week. (We have the green-yellow-red system, but his teacher this year gives a purple if you go above the standard.) We are so proud of him.

I'm thrilled that he has the character quality of respect. Lack of respect in many of today's young people is a major pet peeve of mine. I'm grateful for kind hearted children who show respect to themselves and others.

Nathan--Daddy & Mommy are so proud of you. We know you worked hard to earn such a special honor. Love and hugs to you today and forever.

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