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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Grand Ole Opry House

When I was at the MOPS Convention in Nashville, Emily and I took our free time one afternoon to go visit the Grand Ole Opry House and Museum. The museum is free and was a lot more interesting that I thought it might be. (Watch for museum photos soon...)

We were unable to go into the Opry House itself. There was a show that evening, but we had to be back to the Convention Center. After the show, we could have taken a behind the scenes tour of the Opry House, but that will have to wait for another day. We were pretty tired by this point in the trip and Emily's feet were swelling. We decided an hour of walking wasn't going to help the situation.

Here I am in front of the sign. Check out the guitar shaped flower bed.

This gal was all decked out and greeting people as they came to the Opry for the show. I assume she might be in the show...but not certain. I just thought she looked so darling.
Emily & I had someone take our photo by the Opry House. And in case you wondered, Emily chose to wear her purple shirt to honor her road trip friend's (that's me) favorite color. I thought we looked darn tootin' cute together.

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