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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tips on Tuesday: Be the Best Parent You Can Be

I know there's a love/hate relationship we Americans have with one particular family. Either you love Jon & Kate or you don't. There doesn't seem to be middle ground. For those of you--like me--who have watched their show forever, I'm saddened by the breakup of their marriage.
It points out the one concern I've felt for them for years. They always talk about how they put their kids first.
Here's my point. When you put your kids first in your marriage, it forces your marriage (and your spouse) to take a backseat to the children. I've heard it time and time again from so many people whom I respect and from a lot of sources. To be the best parent you can be--love your spouse. To be the best example for your children--love your spouse. The best example any dad or mom can set is to love their wife/husband with their whole heart.
Our pastor reminded us on Father's Day that you were with your spouse before your children. When the kids are grown and gone, you will be back with your spouse. You have to continue to cultivate that relationship throughout all the years of your marriage. I believe that with my whole heart. Keep your marriage the priority so your kids know that their future spouse should come first when they get married, too.
Do your kids a favor--go out on a date with your spouse...or buy a little gift for them...or take time to share your day with each other--even if it means telling the kids to shush for a little bit. Show your children how important your spouse and your marriage is to you. By giving them a clear message of your love for each other, you provide the best security for their hearts and minds.
Sean--I love you more today than I did 18 years ago when we said, "I do."


Cheryl St.John said...

I agree wholeheartedly.

And I'm just sad for Jon and Kate that they're not doing that. He said this week, "I have to put myself and my kids first."

Hell-O? That spoke volumes. You're supposed to put the other person first, not yourself. And fighting or arguing is not a reason to leave or break up. Stop fighting in front of the children and make it work instead. The bottom line is IT TAKES TWO.

I'm sure it runs much deeper than that, but I'm willing to wager there aren't two ready to fix things.

Coolestmommy said...

I agree, it does take two. I think the part that is the worst is that somehow our society and our media has come to the mistaken conclusion that people on TV are not allowed to have private matters left private.

I did think Jon had a lot of insight when he said we have soldiers fighting for our country and dying every day. They deserve to be honored and put in magazines and in newspapers instead of me.

But, I guess somebody buys tabloids (or a lot of somebodies) since they still sell them. I don't buy them and don't know anyone who does...but there they are.

Hug your hubby twice tonight and thank God that he puts you first!

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