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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Road Trip!

I had a fantastic opportunity to go on a road trip with my friend (and author) Cheryl St.John and author Mary Connealy. I hadn't met Mary before, but she's a totally fun gal! We went to a bookstore where Cheryl & Mary had a signing with Julie Miller and Bobbi Smith.

In this picture are Julie, Mary, Cheryl & Bobbi (front row). Back row is Connie--my mentor and friend from and Tina from the bookstore. I always have fun since I rarely get to talk to Connie face to face. Since I review a lot of books for the site, I always enjoy time together. Tina is a real crack-up and just shoots of little one liners--we were rolling at some of her antics.

After the signing, we went to "lupper" (lunch/supper---Tina's word) at Olive Garden. Yum, Yum! In this picture is Trudy (another reviewer), Connie, Myself, Julie, Bobbi, Mary, Cheryl, Tina.

It was a fantastically fun day and we had a great time.

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