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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Musical Beds

Last week found us playing a new sort of a game at our house. We decided the new family game is Musical Beds. This is when nobody is really sleeping well, but trying to find a place to collapse for a few more hours of sleep.

One particularly bad night, Sean fell asleep on the couch while I went to bed in our bed. At this point, all children were in their regularly scheduled beds. In the night, Sean woke up and came to bed. Later on, Andrew was having trouble sleeping and moved into our room on the floor. His settling into our room woke me enough that I decided to sleep in the spare bed in Rebekah's room. Eventually, Andrew took my spot in my own bed.

At 6:00 am, Rebekah woke up and wanted to sleep with me. I put her in the twin bed with me and she fell back asleep pretty quickly. By the time she fell asleep, I was wide awake and decided to just get up and have a day. (Good thing I got up--you'll notice she is sleeping rather soundly on MY pillow. She's the biggest bed hog I've ever tried to sleep with!)

At some point, Nathan stumbled out of the Nathan Cave and wanted to try to sleep more. Unbeknownst to me, he climbed into the bed with Rebekah and tried to sleep. When he came out of his room and disappeared, I thought he was in the bathroom. After a long absence, I decided to go looking for him.

This is what I found...isn't it precious? Shortly after this, he managed to get back OUT of the bed without waking his sister. She got another half hour of sleep.

I'll admit it--after such a lousy night of sleep, I did take an afternoon nap. And I'm proud of my napping status.

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