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Monday, June 01, 2009

Sesame Street Presents...The Body

It's true--we forced Andrew to be in the Elmo photo with us. We went to the Sesame Street exhibit at the Children's Museum. We happened to be there the day Elmo was doing Meet & Greets. After I stood in the line for almost 40 minutes, I had made up my mind that a family picture was what we were having. Stand here and smile or I'll ground you for life. (And have a nice day--Love, Mom.)

Wouldn't you know it---after I wait in the MASSIVE line (for the family & Elmo photo) and they tell me I might not be close enough to make it through in the 30 minute 'Elmo window of opportunity' and blah, blah, blah---translated as: Line is too long, you'll never get a picture, but we'll 'try' for you. We did make it for the family photo and I was happy.

Then, we're wandering by for the end of the 2nd Elmo photo op and with about 5 minutes left, there's only 6 people in line. We hop in the line and one other person got in behind us, then they closed the line. No more Elmo photos. So we were able to get one of Sean & Rebekah. She's fine with a human barrier between her and the character. Please, do NOT put the girl where she could be touching the Elmo. Large crying jag will ensue.

The boys had fun with parts of the exhibit (the pooping expo was a big hit) but soon went off to play with the huge ball exhibit. Grands was with us so he followed the boys while Sean & I spent more time with Rebekah at Sesame Street.

Above is Rebekah doing the motion station. She's pedaling and jumping (and kicking, running, etc). When she jumps, it makes Grover fly into the sky.

Here's Ernie's Rub A Dub Tub. You learn all about Soap and washing hands/body, Toothpaste and brushing teeth and a Brush and Comb teaching about combing your hair.

In Elmo's World, you used the magnetic pieces to dress Elmo for the weather or for the activities he was going to do. Dorothy the goldfish was in her bowl and there was a shoe to practice tying laces.

One more fun Sesame Street activity. There was a little obstacle course and this wall says Crash. When you run through it it says Bam. I laughed so hard I almost cried.

As a final act of fun, we bought tickets to ride the carousel. First picture is Andrew teasing me, then Nathan in the red shirt (Andrew at the far right). Then Sean with Rebekah.

Sean was the 'designated safety guardian' for Rebekah. Check out his relaxed posture! I yelled at him to stand up and guard the baby.

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