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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Zoo Fun

I took all three kiddos to the zoo yesterday. We had a lot of fun. It started off VERY cold (just barely above freezing) when we arrived. But by the time we left, the sun was out, it was getting HOT (well, for here it was warm) and we had to ditch our coats because we were sweating. I think it finally hit 45 degrees.

We saw some things we don't normally go to. Did the Dome, the Cat House (tee hee), Nursery and the pavilion with the bugs and classrooms. The kids voted for the pavilion---Andrew loves the thing where you whisper from across the room and you can hear it. Nathan loves the Jeep and Rebekah loves to sit in the Jeep and tell everyone "MINE".

We left the zoo after only a couple hours so we could go to Godfather's Buffet for lunch. We talked the manager into giving us some "Monkey Bread" which isn't normally on the buffet. They made a small pan for me & the kids. To prove how much we love Monkey Bread, we were able to eat the entire pan before we left. I think we could have seriously damaged another pan if opportunity would have presented itself.

Above Andrew poses in front of some large cat. The Jaguar looks at Rebekah like she might be lunch.
We had a fantastic time--but the zoo exhausts mom beyond words. I found it to be an exhausting experience BEFORE we had kids. With kids in tow, I can't take it very long before I'm done. Then we usually rush home so mom can get a nap. She really needs one after the zoo.
Below is Nathan having a face off with a Lion. Good thing glass separates the two of them.

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