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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Cub of the Week

It's true, we get to toot our horns again. We are so proud of Andrew for getting Cub of the Week again. The character pillar for March is Responsibility and it is characterized by the color green. (No kidding--don't you think some Irish guy came up with that color coding system?!?)

He now has added a green tag to his chain. It's starting to look like a rainbow around his neck.

I'll post a photo later today. He stayed home from school yesterday with a stomach bug so couldn't get a photo of it.

Alright--I'm changing this post almost a week later. We had 'connectability issues' with devices on the computer. Got that straightened out which means--I can once again download photos from my camera. Here are the long awaited pictures, posted FINALLY on Friday...

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Cheryl St.John said...


whoo hoo!

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