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Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Cat's Meow

We were given this most adorable outfit from a friend at MOPS. Turns out, this is now a third generation thing as she got it from another friend at MOPS. So Rebekah is the third cutie pie to wear it. Still looks new.

I had Rebekah wear it to MOPS today to show off the outfit to our benefactors. The best part of this outfit is when you ask what's on the shirt. She points to the kitty and says, "Meow!"

You have to check out that wisp of hair on the left. I love post-nap head. Ha ha.

When I'd show off her outfit to anybody at MOPS today, she'd give her big cheesy grin and do her 'cute' thing. She's cute, she knows it...and let's face it, I have a fashion diva at the tender age of 20 months. Pray for me.

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