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Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Many Outfits of Rebekah (aka Lemonade)

I always knew it took a village to raise a child. However, I didn't know that it takes an overflowing closet of clothes to raise a girl-child. I thought my boys were clothes horses. HA! Doesn't hold a candle to the girly-girl with the strong opinion.

Most days, we stand before Rebekah's closet and dresser so Mademoiselle can pick the outfit of the day. I may try to influence the selection, but I ultimately have no real say in the matter. Sometimes, I have to put my foot down if she wants to wear a fleece outfit with 27 layers on an 85 degree day.

Some of our recent picks are shown below. I found the "Tiaras Make You Taller" shirt last year. She's now grown into it. Then she took such cute photos at Burger King in her crown. Lettuce from Dad & Mom's sandwiches is so YUMMY!!

The "Lemonade" outfit is one Tia (aunt) Renee found around the time Rebekah was born. She held onto it until Christmas so we could wear it this spring and summer. When I was pregnant, everyone would ask the boys what they wanted to name their sister. Nathan chose Lemonade. (nope--not kidding) We kept telling him we would pick our own name, but we liked his input. He started telling everyone, "I don't know what Mommy & Daddy will name my baby sister--but I'm going to call her Lemonade." I slowly purchased all the lemonade clothes I could find in many sizes. She's truly our Lemonade.

I'll try to get the cute puppy clothes (woof) posted later.

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