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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Show and Tell Sneak

That Nathan managed to pull of the Show and Tell Sneak of the century. At Safety Day (see earlier blog) each child got a stuffed animal from Kohl's. It's Ike the dog (from Dear Mrs. La Rue, Letters from Dog Obedience School and Detective La Rue, Letters from the Investigation)

So Mr. Nathan packs Ike into his backpack and then insists we go find the two books that Ike is in. I try repeatedly to explain that Show and Tell is for ONE item and ONLY ONE item. Ike is one item and the books are items two and three. He insists it will be OK--you know the "stop worrying so much, Mom" look. So he takes Ike and both books to school.

After school, he is so proud to let me know that he got to do THREE Show and Tells. I say (in direct earshot of the teacher), "You're only supposed to show ONE item." She hears me and explains that when he said he had three things to show, they told him only one. However, when they saw that it was a matching theme and it all went together, they let him show the books as one of his 'tells' about Ike. (For Show and Tell, you have to tell three things about the item you bring.)

Nathans tells were:
1. This is Ike the dog.
2. He is in these two books (showing the bonus material)
3. I got Ike at Safety Day.

So now you know about my Show and Tell Sneak.

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