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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

If she hits 105---SELL!

Let me give you the whole story from the get-go. So Monday Rebekah had cold symptoms (which you can no longer treat with cough medicine in young children) and started to tug her ears. Now, I know that kid will tug her ears on good days and she'll tug them on bad days. Another new child ruling is no antibiotics for children with ear infections---unless they have a fever. Well, we got a 99.9 on Monday late morning so called the doctor and got her in on Tuesday.

Monday overnight the fever broke and she was looking playful and happy at the doctor's office on Tuesday. We had to see a sub (ours was out of town) and he explained that her ears didn't "look great" but the fluid that was there was not pressing on the eardrum and there was no bulging. So--no drugs, just liquids and love for the cold portion.

The rest of Tuesday she looked great. This morning, when she got up, I noticed she seemed 'a little too warm' to the touch. Well, the 101 fever probably had something to do with that. The doctor said if the fever came back and went over a 100.5, we should call and he'd decide if further actions were needed. I called and left a message with the nurse. She called back to say we needed to get on antibiotics and she'd call it in.

When we picked up the medicine and got home, Rebekah was up to a 102.6 fever. Call the nurse back to see if we can start alternating Tylenol and Motrin. She tells us to do Motrin now and if the fever comes back after 4 hours, give a dose of Tylenol. Four hours later (on the nose) we get to 104.5.

I have to tell you that a 104.5 appears to be my panic point. Isn't that the number when they tell you to go to the ER?!?!? I call the nurse--again--and when she answers the phone, I tell her I'm the mom she's already talked to three times. She doesn't seem as concerned about this temp as I am. She tells me it takes about a half hour for temps to come down after giving the medicine. Since it's 4:35, if the fever isn't below a 102 at 5pm, call back---but they will be closed then. She did tell me to have the service call the on call doctor and what info that dr. would need. Sean gave her a tepid bath and that helped it come down to a mere 100.

They let us know that 48-72 hours after starting an antibiotic, it is still common to have fevers. I just decided that I don't like fevers over 104.5---so if she hits a 105, we'll sell. :-)

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