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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

House Update

Our 60 day listing expired on Tuesday. We let it sit yesterday and started a new agent today (letting the counter for days on market reset to zero). The cumulative days will continue to accrue, but it will show as a new listing. (Photos above: Living room--new drapes.)

I also have a very dear friend who is a professional 'stager'. She agreed to come in and help me stage the old house. After taking five van-loads of things back over---and 3 car loads, I think it is staged within an inch of its life. We're still adding some additional little touches, but I think it's looking good. We pray to sell it quick---my girlfriend would like her furniture and decorations back. (Kitchen updated to all white.)

I'm putting a couple pictures so you can see the results. We've also scrubbed everything that's not nailed down and replaced all the light fixtures and knobs and drawer pulls in the baths. I've even scrubbed the track the sliding glass door runs on. I think buyers today are a little too picky for their own good. (Master bedroom with tea waiting on the bed and a cozy reading area.)

If you know of anyone in our area looking for a terrific starter home, send them our way. We've put in new carpet, new or newer paint in every room. Updated kitchen with extra storage built in and a finished basement. (Bedroom 2: We set the table for tea and used our Precious Moments blanket to tie in the mural. I'll be adding more toys and stuffed animals today.)

Bathroom photo is the hall bath. New flooring, new light fixtures and new knobs and drawer pulls.

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