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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

DQ Dazed

Yesterday the kids were out of school for a teacher inservice day. Since it was Monday, we went to our usual DQ for lunch. (Express Lunch on Monday is Double Cheeseburger, Med. Fries, Med. Drink for $2.99.)

As we're eating, I look at Andrew and think he's bit his lip because it is bleeding. Sean kicks me and says I don't think it's his lip. Andrew realizes right away that the loose tooth may be hanging by a thread. We searched his mouth---no tooth. Of course his first concern was, "What will the tooth fairy do without a tooth?"
Daddy: Let's leave the tooth fairy a note expaining your tooth appears to have been swallowed.
Mommy & Andrew: Didn't you see AFV--the girl got a ticket for trying to trick the tooth fairy without her tooth?
Daddy: No--she got a ticket for trying to fake out the tooth fairy with a tooth made of paper.
Mommy: If Dad & I sign your note, I bet she'd know it's the truth.
Daddy: Besides, I'm NOT going to go looking for it from the other end.
-----During our lunch--thanks so much for that visual...I don't think I'm hungry anymore.

So, we left a note for the tooth fairy. Apparently, it's happened before since she did come.

In the photo, he's sticking his tongue out the two holes on the sides of his upper teeth. The one on the right came out Monday.

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Sher said...

I'm glad the tooth fairy came!! It is fun to read your blog.

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