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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rebekah's Student Council Speech 2014

Rebekah answered five essay questions and from that, was selected to go onto the speech round in Student Council selections. She wrote a speech and gave it to several teachers before school. Four students per class were selected to give a speech. From there, two will be selected to represent their class (and the school) on Student Council. 

Rebekah's Speech:

Hi, I’m Rebekah and this is my speech for Student Council. I think I can make school a better place, and I think I am a good leader. I also think that Citizenship is very important in me and that’s why I should be a leader on Student Council.
I will make school a better place by putting away the books in the library so that the librarians have more time and they can relax instead of having to organize books. I put them away spine out. The librarians really appreciate that because then they don’t have to do it and they can teach their class sooner. I will listen and obey the rules that my teacher asks. I try to never get on yellow or down.
I think I’m a good leader because leaders help out with many things. They help raise money for our school to purchase things the school needs. Leaders are great role models to different people. I want to be a leader because I can help raise money for the school and make it a better place.
I think the most important character trait in a leader is citizenship because that’s what a great leader is. I try to show citizenship by picking up trash, even if it’s not mine. I also help Mr. M with trays in the lunch room. I help out at the children's theater by selling toys at the gift stand and it raises money so schools can go see a show like we got to see “Big Nate” in second grade. You have to obey the rules to be a good leader and if you don’t; that’s not being a good leader. And that’s how you can be a good citizen.
The three most important things about being a leader are Citizenship, making school a better place and being a leader who puts others first. I want to make my school the best it can be. So please elect me for Student Council. Thank you.  

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