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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

ESSIO Shower Aromotherapy Review and Givewaway

Disclosure: I was provided a free ESSIO in order to facilitate my review. All thoughts are my own. 

Some of you know I've been getting more and more in touch with my inner hippie. I call it my granola side. I've been really looking into and learning a lot about essential oils and how they can help us in our daily life. There's a lot of research out there and what I'm finding is that once again, combining some old world medicine with modern treatment is a win-win. (Keep reading and be sure to enter to win an ESSIO for your home as well.)

Essio Kit in the Box -
comes with THREE pods to start you off.

Why aromatherapy and do essential oils matter? The benefits to mind and body are being proven over and over by science. Certain smells can help improve our mood, help our behavior and even help us think better. Essential oils (and I will only consider oils that are all natural with no synthetics in them) are the best way to get the aromas and essential oils are absorbed quickly into your body and bloodstream to carry their healing powers throughout your body. 

So the ESSIO combines the best of both worlds. All of their essential oils are all natural. There are no chemicals or synthetics and the bonus is their oils are also certified organic. You quickly attach the arm onto your existing shower head (no tools required and VERY simple). Takes under a minute. Once the arm is in place, you attach the pod of whatever scent you will use and start your shower. You can even adjust the strength of the scent by raising and lowering the scent pod. Each pod lasts 4-5 showers, but depending on how strong you like your showers, it can last even longer if you are tilting it out of the way. 

Essio installed in my shower. 

A few things I want to touch on about what ESSIO is and is not:

  • IS - a kit made from fully recyclable materials so it's a green product
  • IS - made with 100% natural oils. NO synthetics or chemicals and the oils are Certified Organic.
  • IS NOT - Something that sprays into the shower. The oil is slowly diffused to get a consistent aroma experience throughout your entire shower. 
  • IS NOT - going to leave oily residue on skin, hair or bath. It's aromatherapy (that means scent...not stuff). 

Just turn on the shower, put the pod at your preferred scent release position and take a moment to allow the water to run over your head and body and breathe in the scent you have chosen. The benefits are almost immediate and if you've never tried essential oils, you will be (happily) surprised at how awesome this is. 

Here's a quick video to give you more information:

I'm excited to announce ESSIO is giving away an ESSIO Aromatherapy Shower Kit to a lucky winner. Enter on their website for your chance to win. (Ends 9/25/14)

Make sure you enter to give it a try. Essio is a unique and one of a kind item that transforms the everyday shower into a personal spa. It's an affordable lucury and a great gift. It makes your shower amazing. 

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