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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Papa Murphy's Omaha Area #Giveaway and Behind the Counter Tour

Disclosure: As a Papa Murphy's Mom, I was provided a behind the counter tour in exchange for a review. 

What is better than pizza for dinner? 
Pizza that was made fresh before your eyes. You know its quality when you watch it being made! And where do you get this sort of quality? At Papa Murphy's of course. (Be sure to keep reading for a giveaway of a Papa Murphy's Meal Deal.)

By the "Always Fresh Oven" at the Papa Murphy's
store and the pizza that I got to make. 

Our family has been eating at Papa Murphy's for about two years now. When I discovered their pizza--and pricing--and tried it out, I was hooked. So was my family. We tend to stick to the 'Faves' line of pizzas. They are pre-made and ready to purchase. Most markets sell for $5 per Fave which is what Omaha sells for, but please check your local location as some markets are lower or higher. A Fave is a cheese, pepperoni or sausage pizza at a low price. You buy, take home and bake. (And for Omaha folks, it's less money than the other hot and ready pizza location and baked fresh in your oven.)

I was able to tour the Samson Way location in Bellevue last week and I was truly impressed. Dan, the district manager, took us on a Behind the Counter Tour and gave us access to everything in the store. I took the tour with Nicole who blogs at and we had a blast. I learned all sorts of things I never knew about Papa Murphy's.

A few 'tastes' of what I learned:

  • There are no freezers in any Papa Murphy's location. This guarantees you receive fresh product since there is only a walk in cooler.
  • Papa Murphy's is an international chain.
  • The s'mores dessert pizza (absolutely delicious) was created in Council Bluffs, IA
  • Cheese arrives in blocks and is freshly shredded in house.
  • Veggies arrive whole and are cut in store.
  • Papa Murphy's takes pride in their customer interaction. 
  • Gluten Free pizza now available. It comes premade and is wrapped before arrival to cut down on cross-contamination.
  • The new Gourmet Delite pizzas are now available: Angus Steak and Roasted Garlic or Spicy Fennel Sausage

Guess what else I learned?!?! If you don't want to heat your oven, did you know you can grill your pizza? Instructions are online. (Nicole taught me to stop thinking of the grill as 'just' a grill. It's an outdoor oven.)

Please pop over to Nicole's post at

Here's a few photos of the prep area.

Time to make the dough...
Mikey showing his freshly made crusts
as he puts them in the cooler. 
Green peppers getting washed and then chopped
(I used these on my pizza)
Nicole and I both had the opportunity while we were "behind the counter" to make a pizza for our families. I chose a Murphy's Combo (no mushrooms and no black olives) on a pan pizza crust. I hadn't tried pan pizza there before. I don't know if I'll ever go back to regular crust! There's a butter and garlic sauce on the bottom that is divine. I can't describe how delicious it was. My finished pizza is in the first picture at the beginning of this post. It was DELICIOUS!!! I also tried the 'pink sauce' and loved it, too. If you want to get daring at Papa Murphy's, go pink. It's 1/2 red and 1/2 alfredo sauce mixed together (hence the pink name). Although they really use about 2/3 red and 1/3 alfredo because the alfredo is so rich. It really brings out the flavor of both quite nicely and adds richness to the pizza.

Not to be left out, my little ones got to make their own Mini Murph at home. They loved it! Rebekah's pepperonis were decoratively arranged in a happy face design. Nathan took the remaining pepperoni's from her plus his own to totally cover his pizza from end to end. They agreed they are the best pizza chef's in town. A Mini Murph is only $4 for the first one and $3 for each additional pizza. That's less than I spend on individual pizzas elsewhere and they have such a sense of pride in making their own food. It's an easy way to give them some kitchen training and I find they eat a lot more of the pizza when they made it.

A few more points of interest. I'm involved in a lot of groups...three kids in three schools means 3 PTO groups. And that's just the beginning. Papa Murphy’s has a program called Peel-A-Deal® fundraising cards. It’s a plastic card with eight great offers on their most popular items. Each offer is a plastic sticker that can be easily removed and used at Papa Murphy’s just like a coupon. If your group would be interested in these cards, please contact your local Papa Murphy's. They will also work with your group to have a fundraiser night where a portion of the sales from the evening goes to your group. And, if you are a part of a scout troop, preschool, or similar group, your group can have a tour similar to mine at no charge. (Please note if you add pizzas to your tour, a pizza charge would apply.)

Who would like to try Papa Murphy's now? 
If you live in the Omaha Metro area, enter the giveaway for a chance to win a Papa Murphy's Meal Deal. Please note the locations where this deal can be redeemed.

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Wendy Rozema said...

my favorite pizza at papa murphys is the cowboy pizza!

Unknown said...

I'm excited to try the gluten free pizza!

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