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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Congratulations, Nathan!

Life is not measured
by the number of breaths we take,
But by the moments
that take our breath away. 

These three faces make my days a lot brighter,
my nights a little crazier,
and my life a lot richer.

But today, I'm celebrating Nathan...
and his little smirk.

And his love of Star Wars. 
(Yes, he knows who this character is...I'm a bit clueless.)

The past week has been quite the week for Nathan. You see, the beginning of the school year brings all the really difficult try out and apply for clubs and groups...and eventually come the fun ones.

So every year he:
1. Auditions for the school play and doesn't get cast.
2. Applies to be on student council and doesn't get picked.
3. Auditions for Jazz Band and is not selected. 
Then he picks his clubs out for the year.

This year we:
1. Auditioned for the play and didn't get cast.
2. Applied for student council. Three are selected out of 120 kids.
3. Auditioned for Jazz Band. Generally 20 audition for 2 piano spots.

He got a notice in his homeroom that he was selected for Student Council. Woo Hoo!!
The following day the Jazz Band list went up. While he was not picked for piano, he was selected to be one of two kids who play the bass guitar part on the keyboard/synthesizer. 
Then he got notice that he is in the Drama Club which will meet quarterly to work on improving acting skills.
Finally, he is in the Gamer Club. They play board games once a month. 

He's a busy clubber this year. We are so proud. Be watching for part of his Student Council application essay. I'll be posting soon.


Mardra said...

Go Nathan, Go Nathan,
I'm Dancin',
Go Nathan!

Coolestmommy said...

Mardra - Nathan was dancing along as we read/chanted your comment.

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