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Friday, October 18, 2013

Nona Lim Soup Review #NonaLimFoods

It's turned crisp (and even a little cold) here in the midwest. Fall has definitely arrived and I feel the nip of winter on its heels. What does fall mean to you? One thing that I associate with fall is homemade pots of soup. And when Nona Lim Foods offered me the opportunity to sample their soups, I was in. 

When I went to investigate their website, I discovered some facts that I was unaware of, but were impressive. Their entire kitchen is Gluten Free and Dairy Free. Many of you might not be impressed by that, but having a child with autism and looking into a GF diet, I can assure you that this is huge. Many of their products are also vegetarian plus they use organic ingredients. 

Everything is responsibly sourced to eliminate Gluten and Diary and is cooked fresh. They use a cooling system and ship in containers with ice-packs to keep the soups cold. When mine arrived, they were still cool to the touch and the packing material is recyclable (or reusable). The soups come in BPA free plastic so you don't have to dirty a pot if you don't want to. You can cut the top off, microwave and serve. I did two in the microwave and one on the stove. I found I prefer using the microwave method and I liked knowing it was safe to eat from the package without dirtying a dish. 

Here's what their site said about the packing process:
Nona Lim
Nona Lim uses a blast-freeze process to preserve crispness and flavor. While frozen, Nona Lim soups are good for many months. Soups are delivered to grocery stores around the country and sold in the refrigerated section. Nona Lim also sells its soups online to consumers, where they are packed in cooler boxes with gel ice packs and shipped via UPS. While it may seem like a lot of effort to deliver soups cold, it allows the company to forgo preservatives that would introduce an off taste requiring additional salt and sugar to cover up. By ensuring cold delivery, Nona Lim is revolutionizing ready-to-heat soups with superior health and taste.
I tried the Tomato Soup, French Onion Soup and the All-Bean Chili. The first one we opened and ate was the Tomato Soup. It was very yummy and delicious. Both my husband and I thought it was a little 'spicy' at first. Then we started to realize it wasn't spice, it was flavor. You know--that thing missing from commercial processed soups. Nona Lin had flavor going on. It was delicious and you could taste the freshness. Next we tried out the French Onion Soup. Again--such a flavor explosion in your mouth. There was a party going on in the taste buds. I haven't had that good of French Onion Soup in ages. Finally, we tried the All Bean Chili. Or rather--I tried the all bean Chili. Sean isn't a fan of beans and a Chili made out of a vast array of beans was not for him. I tried it as is and it was very good, but I prefer meat in my chili so I will be adding some cooked ground beef the next time I purchase and make this soup. It was still excellent and once again, flavor and freshness were the words I use to describe the chili. 

I giggled when I received this message from Nona Lim Soups. I had already written about the soups and how I think of soups in the fall. Here's what they sent to me:
Here are 5 reasons Nona Lim soups make the fall season better.
  1. Less Salt: Making soup  without preservatives allows Nona Lim to make great tasting soup with less recommended sodium intake per cup than many leading competitors. 
  2. Home delivery: It’s never been easier to conveniently eat right when the best soups show up at your door or office in temperature controlled boxes.
  3. No gluten, dairy or worries: Nona Lim has eliminated all common inflammatory ingredients making eating right easy to do - no matter your food sensitivities.
  4. Stocks made from scratch: Seriously, Nona Lim boils down vegetables for 3-4 hours so you can taste the difference.
  5. Veggies to the Max: One to two pounds of fresh local California veggies are cooked down into every 12 ounce pouch. It's a delicious way to make sure you are getting enough veggies.
Make sure you check out the Store Locator to find a location near you where you can purchase Nona Lim soups. It looks like all the Whole Foods locations (including mine) carry her soup. Or you can order online and have it delivered straight to your door. 

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mail4rosey said...

Zucchini Soup sounds delicious to me!

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