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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Nathan's Student Council Essay

As promised yesterday, here is Nathan's essay that he submitted for Student Council. I decided to publish it in its entirety. It gives you a wonderful look into the epic creativity of Nathan's mind.

My name is Nathan and I am in 6th Grade and I am running for Student Council. I am eleven years old and was diagnosed with autism (closely resembling Asperger’s syndrome) when I was five years old. I am very smart and a creative thinker that really shines through, especially in a lot of my ideas. I have a whole lot of ideas. I can lead easily, I’m a generous volunteer and once again, I’m the most creative person on the planet.

Volunteerism is important to my family. We have all participated in various volunteer activities. Some I do with my family and some I do alone. One way I volunteer is by working at The Children's Theater Boutique. I help sell toys and give away bracelets and suckers to the Children members. This benefits by not only letting the kids have fun things to play with, it also helps to make sure that every second grader in the state can see live theater. The Boutique pays for every second grader to go to The Children's Theater or see a traveling caravan live theater performance. Another way I volunteer is by helping to set up at Autism Society events and by preparing things for the events at home. I have helped prepare for the Autism Puzzle Walks, stuffing bags for events and helping with brochures and registrations at events. In addition, I help volunteer at my church and at church events. I help with setup and cleanup at events; I help by participating in puppet shows and skits. I also help at Christmas time by setting up and decorating the church and putting it away after Christmas. I also help pack shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child which sends a box of toys, supplies and love to a needy child overseas.

Sometimes, I will volunteer to be a leader. I do this by setting a good example in class and in the halls. Being a good example is important because when everybody follows your good examples, then everything is almost perfect. I also like to uphold the teacher’s classroom rules. I do my best to follow and obey classroom and school rules. I have been a leader by being in Student Council once in 4th grade. We went to each of the classrooms to sell candy canes and Smencils and used the money for our school. We also helped make posters for events and had a spirit store to raise money to purchase a mascot for the school. I attended all the meetings and I gave my ideas to help the school. Finally, I have been a leader by my volunteering in the community. It is such a simple thing and nobody seems to do it. I set a good example by volunteering and it encourages other people to volunteer as well. Kids are led because one of their friends is doing something good and the adults are led because a kid can do it and they never do.

I have great ideas for Student Council due to my epic creativity. One thing is to invent a trading card game to make school even more fun than it already is. Being on Student Council, I could find a way to spread it around school more easily. Another thing that I’d like Student Council to do is a movie night. We could show the movie in the gym or in the cafeteria due to its screen and seating availability. We could sell concessions plus the pop machine will work after 3:15 p.m. which would be when the movie would probably be started. The money from the concession stand could help with the school. One great idea is to bring back the pop tab collecting for Ronald McDonald House. Kids these days, and their parents, drink lots of soda and every can could give money to support a great cause. It’s easy to bring a bag of pop tabs to your Bobcat Block and Student Council could collect them and weigh each classroom’s pop tabs. Since they weigh the same, it would determine the winner and we could give tons of money to families of people in hospitals who need comfort and a place to stay. The winning homeroom could earn a pizza party.

I hope you have realized that I am a great kid for the role of Student Council member. I will promise to do my best to lead others to good and school-worthy things. I will volunteer whenever I can and keep those ideas flowing. Working with the other people on Student council, I would be an amazing part of the Student Council team. So please give Nathan the opportunity to help out my school by letting me be on Student Council. 

1 comment:

Mardra said...

LOVE this " adults are led because a kid can do it and they never do. "
AND - "I have great ideas for Student Council due to my epic creativity.”

Yea Nathan! How could they NOT pick you?

Keep rockin' it!

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