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Friday, November 26, 2010

Veggie Tales Live

Rebekah and I had the opportunity to go see Veggie Tales Live. We went to the matinee show while the boys were still in school. It was nice because it wasn't very full. The kids could dance in the aisles and go up front to make a "baby mosh pit."

Rebekah & I did a self portrait photo before the show.

In the opening sequence, we see Bob....

and Larry right away. 

One of my personal favorites, The Cheeseburger Song.

After intermission, they did "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" and during the song there were bubble machines going off in the front. Rebekah and her friend from MOPS (who we ran into at the show) went up front to pop bubbles. They ended up remaining in the front through the entire second act. They had a great view and they are short enough that they didn't block the folks sitting in the front.

Rebekah is in the Bob shirt (red) on the right. Her friend from MOPS also had two pony tails in that day. It was the pony girls in the front.

Larger than life vegetables.
(For those who don't know, it's Bob the Tomato, Larry the cucumber, Jimmy Gourd and Junior Asparagus)

Loving the Veggies.

We had a fantastic Mother/Daughter time. We went to lunch at Rebekah's pick of the day--the grocery store. Yup, she wanted me to get a Chinese Buffet so she could eat my rice while she had pizza. We sat at the table of her choice, then went and got a cookie while driving a car cart around the store. Then we went to the Veggie Tales show. She was pooped when it was over. I was so impressed that she stayed awake for about 20 of our 25 minute car ride home. It was a fun filled day of memory making. (Thanks, Sean, for doing my carpool runs so I could go!)

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