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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Husker Heroes

Our family was so blessed to be able to participate in the first ever Husker Heroes event. We travelled to Lincoln for this event which was held on the practice field next to Memorial Stadium.

This event was for children with disabilities and their families. I thought the point of the event was for the kids to meet their heroes. When we arrived, I realized that the Heroes were our kids with disabilities. The Husker players from every team imaginable came out to celebrate our kids. I cried when I realized that Nathan was the hero for the evening.

Just arriving and figuring out all there was to see and do.

This cheerleader offered her pom poms to Rebekah to hold and Rebekah thought she wanted a hug. Rebekah stepped in to hug the cheerleader and you can see all the other girls saying, "Awwww!" It was very sweet.

Here are the kids with the cheerleaders. After the photo, Rebekah tried to walk away with the pom poms. Too funny! This photo made Nathan a hero in his classroom. His desk buddy told us a few days before we went that, "The cheerleaders are HOT!" Yes, an 8 year old told us the girls are hot. UGH!

Here are the kids with Little Red.

The baseball players had a pitching area. All three kids threw. Nathan hit close to the catchers mitt and Andrew nailed it all three times. Rebekah just likes throwing balls.

Andrew's so fast at throwing that I can't get the ball in action.

Rebekah tripped on the hurdles that the football players had set up.

Andrew running the football obstacle course.

Andrew took out the tackling pylon with everything he had in him. Way to go!!

The kids with some of the football players. Nice pose, Rebekah.

Hut, hut, hike!

Rebekah & Nathan threw footballs to a receiver. Nathan managed to make it on his own, but Rebekah got a helping hand from one of the football players. Way to put your weight training to good use.

Rebekah got a tattoo from one of the Rifle Team members. She had to show it off for the camera.

The bowling team had a roll the ball course. Nathan vs. Andrew & Rebekah.

A highlight was at the end of the night when we realized Johnny Rodgers was at the event with his Heisman Trophy. Imagine my heart failure when the kids go around the table to stand by him and he says to Rebekah, "Here darling, sit on this trophy." I'm panicking thinking, "Don't break the Heisman, don't break the Heisman!"

Thank you, Lord, we didn't break the Heisman. Rebekah tells everyone, "I sat on the big trophy."

Before we left, Andrew wanted a photo on the N at the 50 yard line. He got down for a photo and his brother and sister thought he needed to be tackled. Nice.

Finally, Andrew on the N

Nathan giving his Heisman pose on the N

There were 200 student athletes who took time out of their lives to come and celebrate our children. It was a magical evening filled with lots of smiles and laughter. I can't tell you how much Nathan beamed when I told him that the event was to celebrate him. Nathan was the hero. I told him the athletes know that things that come easily for them are things Nathan has to work hard for. The athletes want to encourage him to keep going with vision therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy (he interrupts to tell me he does a LOT of therapy!).

I emailed a few photos to his teacher and she put them up on the big screen in their room and he got to tell all about his night. She said he was smiling from ear to ear and the whole class was excited for him. They are hoping to make this an annual event and I hope they can. It was so thrilling and we were honored to be able to attend.

 Here's a link to a newspaper article about the event.

Here's a link to a news report. We are not featured in it, but if you watch the boy hula-hooping, you will see our whole family in the background.

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