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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Review: Cause & Effect, Adventures in Odyssey Volume 52

From the publisher:
It’s all-new Adventures in Odyssey episodes in volume 52, Cause & Effect. Join Eugene and Matthew as they investigate why the clock tower at City Hall seems to be counting down to a mysterious deadline. Could it have something to do with the anniversary of a lost love from twenty years ago? Barrett couldn’t be more excited about getting the lead role in the school play. But when his first practice is interrupted by a mysterious booming voice, Emily Jones must investigate the “phantom of the school play.” Also, perfect for the holiday season, are stories on Thanksgiving (“A Thankstaking Story”) and Christmas (“Grandma’s Christmas Visit”).

Adventures in Odyssey is fun and exciting audio entertainment that teaches quality character traits and ignites the imagination of all who listen. Imagine, Discover, and Grow with Adventures in Odyssey.

4 CD Set (5 hours of listening)
List Price:$24.99

I was so excited to be chosen to review the latest Adventures in Odyssey CD set. It's volume 52 and the 4 CD set has over 5 hours of listening entertainment. Have you listened to Adventures in Odyssey before? Our family loves the radio show. We like to get an Adventures in Odyssey set when we go on long car trips. I like the fact that it's an engaging story played out in a full Foley studio (so it doesn't sound silly, cheesy or cheap) and there are NO SCREENS! It's all listening and imagination. The best part--ok, the two best parts--are that it's so well done and the stories are so fun to hear that Sean & I can listen and not be bored. The other best part is that the stories have a moral in them and teach a lesson to your children through the interactions of the characters.

This particular CD Set has both the traditional Adventures in Odyssey stories we've listened to on the radio and on CD's in the past plus some mysteries. We enjoyed the mysteries. I loved the whole cause and effect premise since I have mythbuster kids who love to figure out 'why' things happen. There were some great lessons included in this set.

Would you like to get your own copy of Adventures in Odyssey, Cause & Effect? Click this link in order to get your own copy.

Would you like to learn more about Adventures in Odyssey? Check out the Tyndale Publishers Facebook Fan Page or become a Tyndale House Twitter Fan.

Disclosure: This is a Mama Buzz Review. I received a copy of Adventures in Odyssey: Cause & Effect, free of charge, from Tyndale House Publishers, for the purposes of this review.

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