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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Tips on Tuesday: Summer Reading Opportunities

Have you started your kids (and--nudge, nudge--yourself) on a Summer Reading Program? As a former teacher-in-training, I can not emphasize enough how important reading is--not just in the summer, but all year long. Reading is the easiest thing you can do to boost brain power and give your kids a head start in life.

For summer reading programs, the first place you should look is your local public library. Most communities have some sort of program to encourage kids to keep reading over the summer. Some even have adult reading clubs (I got the most awesome book tote bag this spring from the adult reading club) and I want to remind everyone that if your kids see you reading, they are more likely to become lifelong readers. It doesn't matter if you read books, newspapers, magazines or comic books--reading in front of your kids sends a message that they internalize for life.

Other summer reading programs that I have found include:

Borders Book Stores "Double Dog Dare You" program is for anyone 12 and under.

Read any 10 books this summer and fill out this form. Take to your local Borders book store for a Free Book. There are some limitations, but it appears they have extended the selection of books for this summer. This year, I'm reading the fine print to say any 'children's' book that is in stock would be eligible to be selected as your free book. Verify with store for your free titles, but I figure any free book is a good book.

This program is valid at Borders, Borders Express and Waldenbooks locations.
(Ends 8/26/10)

Barnes & Noble has the 2010 Summer Reading program. You earn a free book when you read 8.

Mark the eight books you've read on the Passport and redeem at Barnes & Noble from a book from the selected list (shown on the passport).

Children must be in 1-6th grade (doesn't specify entering or completing that I could find) and is limited to one free book per child.
(Ends 9/7/10)

Half Price Books offers the Feed Your Brain program this summer. Earn a $3 shopping card every week that you spend 15 minutes/day reading.

Download the reading log and mark how many minutes you read each day. Turn in weekly for your shopping card. The program runs June 1--July 31, 2010.
Program is for children 14 and under. You can turn in one log per week (which can really add up at 1/2 Price Books).
(Ends 7/31/10)

Extra Tips:  Keep in mind that each book your child reads counts for ALL of the summer reading programs. We are avid readers at our house and own enough books to start a small town library, but the love of books is a gift we helped bestow upon our children. I know it's a lifelong gift and I hope they pass it along to their children. Open up a whole new world to yourself and your a book.

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