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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gone Fishin'

(Nathan wanted everyone to know he was happy to be fishing.)

We had the opportunity to go fishing at a private stocked lake with a local bass club. It's through a local program for people with any disabilities so the Autism Society was invited to come. The bass club paired up each family with a 'seasoned' fisherman to help bait, cast and hopefully catch some fish.
The morning was a little drizzly and the wind was blowing at us so it was hard to keep your line out. It kept floating back to you. Rebekah got the only morning catch in our group---a moss fish.

Although, she thought she was catching up a storm. Every time someone would ask her if she had caught any fish, she's say, "Yes--come see them." (Which is an odd statement since it was strictly catch and release.)

She was "catching" all the minnows she could get from our bait cup. But, they are fish and she technically caught them.

After lunch, we moved to another lake on the property where we were not facing the wind. We started catching all kinds of fish. Andrew even hooked a bass. He forgot to set the hook so as he was reeling, we got to watch that bass jump off the hook and fly through the air back into the lake. He did catch a bluegill and a croppie.

Nathan didn't really fish in the afternoon. He just had fun outside playing. Rebekah caught some fish on the 2nd lake as well.

Even Sean got in on the act and caught a few fish. I meant to borrow a pole for a while, but I had a great time watching everyone else. Just relaxing by the lake. Nice!

There were even peacocks on the property. One sauntered by us in the afternoon.

Nathan & I caught a self portrait before the afternoon was out.
We had a great time and so much fun. The kids all got trophies for catching fish. We had a wonderful lunch and it is really a lot more fun to catch fish in a stocked lake. :-)

Thanks to the bass club and the OWCenter for putting this event on!!!

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