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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tips on Tuesday: What's your gift?

Have you ever wondered what your true gifts are? What are the things God placed inside of you for the benefit of not only you, but also all you meet? I recently stumbled upon two sites that help you find your gifts.

This first site about
Spiritual Gifts Analysis is an in depth site that uses the format I've used in written assessments. You can do a free spiritual gift analysis at this site.

The second one is a
Spiritual Gifts Test Inventory and while it is shorter, it is still a good one. I believe the full analysis gives a better snapshot of yourself, but some people prefer this inventory because of the shorter format.

If you take one of these tests, remember to answer quickly--don't sit and think about it. Go with your gut. You'll get the most accurate self-assessment that way.

Some of you might wonder why this is such a tip. Well, if you know about yourself and where your strengths lie, it is much easier to get along with others. It's also easier to understand when someone takes charge of a situation that it's their gift in action. Besides, most people I know are striving to be the best person they can be. What a great way to improve yourself by knowing what your gifts are.


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