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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Big News...

The following invitation was sent home with Andrew.

Congratulations, Andrew
You Have Been Selected
to serve as a
Member of the 2009-2010
Student Council
We look forward to a great year!
Andrew wanted to be a part of Student Council last year but was not selected. I knew it was a tight race last year, but I learned more of the selection process this year. Andrew had to fill out an application and write a five paragraph essay all about himself. Then the top candidates are selected by the Student Council sponsors and sent to the classroom teachers. The team teachers select the top girl and top boy from the team to be on Student Council. There are 8 teams at school so 16 students were selected out of the 1000+ students in the building.
We are thrilled that Andrew was selected for this honor. He had been on student council at the former elementary school, but when we moved, the new elementary school didn't have a student council at that time. After Andrew went to middle school, they got a student council at elementary. He's thrilled to be back in a leadership role.
Great job, Andrew! Dad & Mom are so proud of you for the hard work and effort you put into your essay. We pray you will continue to work hard and be a blessing to those you work with and to the students of your school. We love you!

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