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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Remember the Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer? Well, kiss them goodbye!

It's true, we've kissed the last days of summer vacation goodbye. And I got Andrew outside early enough to get photos before any of the other middle school moms came out with their kids and cameras. Phew! After all these years of practice, we're able to get all the shots I want in about 30 seconds.
He did insist on having a quick shot with his sister (who was awake, up and dressed before we had to get Andrew up for school...what's with that?!?!).

Nathan is excited and ready to go.

He loves his new Bakugan backpack. It's got a big 3D photo of the main characters. Nathan's cool...and I think he knows it.

After breakfast in the cafeteria, he headed to his room. He sat down at his desk and got straight to work. No time for photos in the classroom--bellwork is calling. He loves his teacher and in a few short days, it's become apparent that she loves him right back.

Rebekah & I went with a neighbor to Starbucks for breakfast. A nice way to kick off the school year. And she only had a few days to wait for her school to start.

Rebekah on the first day of Preschool. She's got her new Dora Backpack (formerly known as a Pack-Pack) and her big girl smile on.

It's always good to have big brothers to watch out for you and give you one more reassuring hug before you go.

Rebekah was climbing up my body the first day of preschool screaming, "Don't leave me mommy!" As soon as the teacher was ready (and guarding the door), I put her down and walked out. Good thing the teacher was waiting because Rebekah bolted for the door and would have beat me to the car if Miss Jodi hadn't caught her on the way past.

Ever since the first day, she now walks into school and runs into the room with a jaunty wave and a "Bye, mom!" I usually ask if I could have a kiss before she goes. She always gives me one and into the room she goes. Whew! We have to thank Miss Deana from MOPS/Bible Study for working long and hard (even during the nauseated first trimester of her baby #4). Miss Deana is the reason I think the preschool transition has gone so well. It's good to have friends who patiently work with your kids and help them get past the velcro stage.

Now they are all in school. While Rebekah is gone two days a week, the hours do fly by and she is quickly home again. Glad to be into a new routine after our summer of therapies. All the kids are excelling at school and love being back.

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