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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

International Contest Winner Lives Here

It's true. I have the winner of an International Contest living under my roof. Andrew wrote a poem for Toontown about Jellybeans (toontown currency). It was one of the five winners. Since Toontown is an International Game---that makes him an International Contest Winner.

Click here to see the hoopla online.

Andrew's toon is Duke Spunky Octodoodle. He's a blue mouse. So if you play, you can always try to find him and be his friend. He's moved his way up the toon ladder and is a pretty powerful toon.

The poem:

When I met you, I knew the good cheer,
That would always come to me when you were near.
If I'm fishing, gardening, or feeding my Doodles,
The love I have for you would be oodles.
You help me get all my Gags,
To beat the big, towering Money Bags.
So now that I'm done telling all the things about you,
I'm going to defeat a Cold Caller, Level 2.

1 comment:

MommyRU said...

Yay, Andrew!
Excllent job!

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